Suppliers of mobile homes & lodges throughout the Southwest 

Why buy a static caravan or lodge? 

There are a variety of situations that can make buying a static caravan or lodge the best choice for you. 

Have any of our lodges/caravans in your back garden! 

Throughout our range of Pathfinder Lodges, Regal Caravans and used stock, we believe we have a home to suit any situation. The majority of our clients are people looking for annexe solutions, they need something that can be sited on their land, typical reasons are during a long self-build, or for an elderly relative, the kids, or as a guesthouse, pool house or even as an extra income in rental. Please be aware that planning permission may be needed.  

Temporary & Permanent Living Solution 

Purchasing a static caravan or lodge can be an excellent solution for temporary or permanent living. With most modern caravans and lodges benefiting from double glazing and central heating even in the colder months you are sure of comfortable living conditions either on a temporary or permanent basis. With the modern age of caravans and lodges the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to extras, such as patio doors, wrap around porches, and internal fittings and furnishing.  
All this makes for an excellent choice for  
A permanent home for a elderly relative or family member 
Guest accommodation 
Rental to earn an extra income 
(subject to planning, ask for more details) 

Self-Build, Renovation & Construction 

We can supply static caravans and lodges to construction and private customers for use as a temporary work space, employee accommodation, for landowners to live on site whilst their new home is being built/renovated or even to rent out as a business to gain extra income. 

The advantages: 

Living on site can give you many advantages such as: 
Manage your project 24/7 
Site security enhanced 
Reduced travel time and expense 
No need to rent accommodation saving you money 
Caravans and Lodges can be resold when no longer required or keep on-site as additional guest accommodation or office space. 
Rent out as a business to earn extra income – subject to planning (ask for more details) 

Agricultural Businesses and Farm Workers 

Static caravans and lodges are a great choice to accommodate your farm workers and seasonal staff on-site. We have a large selection of new and used static caravans and lodges to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need one or multiple caravans/lodges to accommodate your staff we have the stock and know how to help you. 
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